RV in the Redwoods

…because happiness is a journey of people and experiences, not things


I HATE my “stuff”!!!

Stuff – we all have it.

Stuff – I have TONS of it.

Stuff – it’s everywhere – home, office, car.

Stuff – the media tells us we “NEED” more of it.

Stuff – am I even using it?

As I sit here in my house, preparing to downsize into life in an RV, I look around me and find myself HATING my stuff.  Perhaps the realities of life have added to my jaded attitude towards all that we use and consume.  At the end of the day, we know that “stuff” does not make us happy – and, in fact, it seems the more “stuff” we have, the more our satisfaction decreases and the drive then continues for more, bigger, better “stuff”.

I don’t want “stuff” I do not need or use anymore.  I want less “stuff” and more experiences, I want less “stuff” and more time.  I have spent the last 8 years working long hours in a job and then coming home to be slave to the home and “stuff” the job has purchased.  It takes a lot of time and energy to keep track of all of our “stuff”.

I have no desire to be slave to things.  In my lifetime I have been a mini-hoarder and I have attached sentimental meaning to objects that has then left me with a feeling of obligation to haul these objects with me – in my case, ALL OVER THE WORLD.  I have paid to move tiny sentimental objects from the USA to Israel and back…. and during that time they mostly sat in boxes.  I was not willing to part with items because “I have kept them for so long, how can I get rid of them now?”  I am challenging myself to change my ways and part with these things as I downsize.  I do not find comfort in these things, I find comfort with people and my animals.  I do not find joy in these things, I find joy with people and in experiences.  I do not find satisfaction in these things, I find satisfaction when I accomplish things, assist others as they grow, or volunteer.

As I look around my house and hate all these things I really do not need, I also realize how much of my “stuff” I never use.  Most of it.  Even my wardrobe – I wear my favorite outfits over and over and there are the less favorites that make rare appearances and then those items that I keep “just in case”.  So much of my wardrobe is “just in case”.  What if every item in my wardrobe was kept with purpose?  That means I can have that fancy dress or two, but I do not necessarily need five.  I can have those pairs of boots, but I do not need five pairs of black boots.  I know many people around the country and world are challenging themselves to live lives that have more abundance by living a simplified life where every item has a function and a purpose.  Their stories inspire me.  I hope you are inspired too.

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***True confession – I am renting a storage unit.  I will be keeping some of my “stuff” as I embark on this journey – just in case I really cannot make it living in 400 square feet.  I am giving myself an out.  Yet, even as I give myself the out, I still want to significantly reduce the amount of stuff I have, both with me in the 400 square feet and in the storage unit I will have to pay for.