RV in the Redwoods

…because happiness is a journey of people and experiences, not things


Necessity is the mother of invention ~ Plato

While I may not be inventing anything, necessity has brought me to this space where I am looking to create my own personal oasis – my RV in the Redwoods.  Downsizing is a big chore.  Going from 1500 square feet, with a garage packed with “stuff” to 400 square feet is a big change.  The bills will be lower and, hopefully, life will be simplified.  In my case, downsizing also means divorce – I know I am not alone in that either.  I embrace the opportunities this affords me to make some changes and do things differently – and live life as an adventure.  I hope to replace “things” with “experiences” and, as I simplify, have the gift of more time with my girls, my cats, and nature.